The Dog Days Of Summer Are Over

Well, the Dog days of summer are over. The water temps are dropping and the fish love it. As the water cools, the quality goes up. The Red Drum are starting to form their winter time schools and are feeding up for the approaching cold weather. Right now, they are being caught using both artificial and live bait tactics and this bite should continue as long as water temps stay above 57 degrees.

The Trout bite has been very good, with some high numbers per trip coming on board. We are still catching a lot of undersized fish, but some keepers have been mixed in. Sheepshead and Black Drum also love this cooler weather, and the bite for them has been pretty good. Fishing with Fiddler Crabs around structure for the Sheeps, and using live or cut shrimp on hard bottoms for the Black Drum have been producing good numbers and quality.

Don’t let these cold mornings scare you. If the tide is good, these fish are feeding. Let’s go catchem!

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